I would like to clarify…



Knembroidery is a bespoke embroidery service created by Josephine Knechtli.

I have been teaching myself and developing the craft of freemotion stitching since utilising embroidery to avoid college and stay in the real world, without being seen as a slacker...

All patches are created using materials which have been curated for their high quality and ability to render imagery accurately.

I operate between my bedroom and studio, currently this is a solo operation but I dream of being able to provide creative and inspiring employment for others in the future.

Custom, personalised work is always welcome.


All embroidery techniques are self taught, and so experimentation and play is rife within my practise.

Sephrose is the clothing line that has organically developed alongside the patch production.

Bold imagery rendered through delicate stitching, ensuring a subversive edge to all of your outfits - regardless of what they’re for.

A focused line of shirts celebrating the female form and inclusivity, is currently available. This shirt came about after being invited out with a clear lack of ‘something to wear’. I wasn’t looking to ditch my jeans so created a shirt of women who looked wonderful with me.