Stitch About Kit - learn to embroider mindfully

For individuals who are looking for a fresh way to calm the mind, while staying positively productive. Learning to embroider is a wonderful opportunity to give yourself.
These kits have been curated and designed for maximum relaxation.

Calm your mind 

A clear guide and simple pattern is a perfect starting point for grounding yourself by focusing on creating beautifully simple stitches.  Start basic and build your way up to ornate, mindful masterpieces.

Delve into colour

After research into colour psychology, calming tones of pink, turquoise, green and yellow have been curated for these kits.

Multiple fabric, pattern and thread combinations are available for a range of creative, calming effects.


Create beautifully, simply

This kit includes ombre toned threads, courtesy of DMC, paired with lush cotton fabrics of upbeat tones. You will always be looking forward to the next moment which can be filled with stitches.  

Once completed, hoops can easily be hung as wall art - or gifted to a favourite friend as a beautiful hand made present.

Experiment with ease

The extensive guide included within every kit, which features hand-stitched illustrations, will have you feeling empowered to use your needle freely. Some may choose to keep with the gridded designs, but there is space and opportunity to further embellish the design. Work back into patterns, building upon them with shapes and colours. 

Take a breath, and stitch about it.

What’s inside the kit?

  • two needles

  • bamboo hoop

  • comprehensive stitch zine

  • ombre toned DMC thread

  • one printed cotton fabric sheet

All are packaged and protected by a padded pouch, so you can stitch safely on the go.